Wepa! Hello.

I'm Gaby Lasala
a Product Designer

with a passion for designing a more accessible and responsible world.

A line drawing of me with a bright orange red line.

About me 🇵🇷 🌈

I currently work on the largest enterprise government communications SaaS in the world.

My focus is on advancing better design and accessibility practices within the product org.

I come with an extensive background in systems design, content development, & professional practice from a prior decade career in audio engineering, storytelling, & motion graphics.

Side projects are fun and will occasionally volunteer to work on projects I am interested in. I am currently working with a developer on an LGBTQ+ affirming barber finder web app.

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Featured work


Blurred mockup of the data dashboard for govDelivery.

Creating a better data experience

  • Role: Product Designer
  • I updated the design system that I used to create a new reporting dashboard to help bring visibility to API data that had previously been hard to access.
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Mockup of a laptop and phone with website redesign

Website re-design & user experience

  • Role: UX & UI Designer
  • I redesigned the product marketing website using UX methodology as well as develop the site maps for both the new website and client dashboard.
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A representative illustration for the work done of a person working on their wellbeing with the app.

Design strategy for social wellness app

  • Role: Experience Strategist
  • I helped clarify user needs and expectations for a humane social app that helped clear up the product direction and content strategy for Jomanity.
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