Mockup of website re-design on laptop and mobile.

Website re-design & user experience

A digital assistant seeking to help BIPOC & LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs

Client: We Sparkle

Role: UX & UI Designer


The value proposition of WeSparkle was not clear & had a low adoption rate.
Current users found the experience disjointed to have to login to their dashboard through the marketing website. They also were not aware of all the features they had available to them.


Bring clarity and additional content to the Sparkle Assistant marketing website.
Create an improved experience for current clients to access their account details and assistant settings.


Figma prototype
  • User flow and site map
  • Summary of research findings

Research insights

Our team's consulting work on the project began with product positioning and exploratory & generative research using methods such as kano analysis, competitive research, & user interviews.

  • Content strategy needed refinement. Research participants often were confused by the offerings on the marketing website & would try to ask clarifying questions.
  • 7 out of 7 participants really care about the business they partner with and how they are giving back. Being a mission-based public benefit corporation was important and they wanted to see it front and center.
  • Research participants were hesitant to commit to the product for a full year without getting a chance to try it out first.

Site map & user flows

With the research  synthesized, I got to work on developing a new site map for the dashboard that prioritized findability & usability. Because there had been a low adoption rate for We Sparkle, I wanted to emphasize the importance of the prospective client and mapped a user flow to showcase the improved experience.

Marketing website site map proposal.Dashboard for We Sparkle site map proposal.Example of a first time visitor user flow on the marketing website.

Website Re-Design

Because the main colors for We Sparkle wouldn't pass WCAG 2.1 AA, I used them as inspiration to create an accessible style guide that could be used by future designers & developers for We Sparkle.

Using the research data of who the potential customers are was critical to this project. It clarified their needs and what they are looking for and I brought that into the design process when creating the UI and content.

A screenshot of my Figma work showing the prototyping and style guide work.

Client handoff

The client and development team were presented with a design brief that included research findings, site map & user flow, style guide, Figma re-design file. We walked through the usability recommendations made in the dashboard and website site map. The project's next steps involved their product team developing a roadmap to implement the designs into production.

If you'd like to learn more about my work on this project, shoot me an email.

Mockup of the final home page design iteration that was shown to client.